What happend to the Dailies and a look into the future

Hello Everyone!
It has been a while since my last post, once again. I'm terribly sorry about that.
With this post I want to catch you up on what has been going on lately and tell you the reasons why I stopped posting them here.
Also I want to tell you what has happened lately and where the future of this blog is headed.

Lets start with what was going on lately.
The last two months have been very stressful. I moved house and my daily commute rose to more than 4 hours. I basically came home and hat to go to bed almost immediately if I wanted to get at least 7 hours of sleep. Sticking to a daily routine during that time was impossible for me. The weekends mostly went into much needed breaks or pre-production of projects I want to get to. I only drew a few now and then and shared them via Instagram .
Well, that job ended this week and I have too look for a new one, make new and better portfolios and so on. But I finally have time to draw for myself, so that's a plus!

So, what will the future hold?
Concerning the dailies, I won't go back to that schedule completely. I want to dedicate more time to my portfolio and projects. I will still do warmups and cooldowns which could be considered dailies but might consist of basic practice some of the time. I don't know If I want to upload them or not.. But I have something to do first:

I will redesign and finally brand my online appearances!
The dark "Painting till death" does not fit what I do anymore and needs to change. It was a cool persona in the past and will be held in my memories.
Part of the branding will be a "new" blog. I'm looking through different solutions ( better blogger designs, wordpress, own website etc ). I want a " hub " of some sorts where all my portfolio sites and social media accounts can lead to, but also a space somewhat separate where I can write to you like I do now or where I can talk more about a specific piece of art.
The " hub " will have priority over the blog since I need that to present my portfolio for job applications.
Of cause if I change the blog I will announce that some time in advance! Until I figure out how exactly I will use a blog in the future I will make my more regular uploads via Instagram. and write articles about bigger pieces here.

Well, that should be everything for now. I have a bigger illustration and portfolio piece in the pipeline right now, which will be the next blog post. So despite everything, art returns!

I thank everyone who is still following me here, despite the irregular uploads. I hope you will stay with me a while longer and maybe after the changes to my online appearance are through.

See you later!