Daily Drawings week 18 and 19

The next batch of dailies, finally! I am very busy right now. Between finding a new place to live, looking for a new job and preparing, reworking portfolios and the commute to my current workplace I rarely have time for anything else at the moment. I hope you can excuse the resulting lack of posting here. I still share my dailies on twitter (@MarschelArts) and Instagram (marcelgroeber) but I can't get one done every day. Once everything calms down a bit I will get back to my original schedule. Until then, lets go through the images of the last two weeks, shall we?

107: For the images to come I've decided to design some monsters. After drawing more happy, funny and nice things for the most part of the dailies, it was time to let my " darker " side out for a walk. So I drew some monsters, starting with one of the more classic, low level enemies, the skeleton warrior.

108: The second monster, a mine / cave bat. Got more cute than intended oô. These big bats have been tamed and partly bred to assist miners in their daily work, carrying lanterns deep into the mines. They also found owners in some aristocratic circles who absolutely don't line blood at all.

109: Reptilian rogue / warrior. Not much else to say here :)

110: Another low level beast! The giant dungeon rat. They are found in almost all dungeons and levels, scavenging for leftovers or uncollected loot. Since they love shinies they grab coins as soon as an uncaring adventurer dares to look away. Fighting them is not really worth the hassle. Not much exp.

111: The common goblin fighter can be found in almost all zones with slight variations in equipment. They are not very bright or strong and pose only a mild threat to inexperienced people. A pack or even a horde on the other hand is a completely different beast.

112: A skirmisher of the feared gnome air force. The lightest of the gnome air troops is equipped with a strong slingshot and several bolts and only light armor as to not slow down the bird carrying the pilot. They perform quick scouting missions or put pressure on densely packed, light armored formations to disorient them or slow them down.

113: Now follows a set of Mimics. I always loved mimics as a concept for a monster and as with many things, I like to overthink them. To me, mimics are either a form of parasite or fungus, infecting organic materials via spores and grow through them into the camouflaged monsters we know. I used a couple of dailies to explore this idea with various items, such as a book for the first one.

114: What would happen if something like a hand mirror got infested? Can a mimic change any material or is it limited to only organic substances? In case of the mirror, would the glass completely shatter or break up in a complicated mosaic when it attacks and fall back into a perfect shape when it hides?

115: The bigger the object a spore infects, the bigger and more terrifying the resulting mimic. So when a spores infect a wardrobe you get a Mimic that can eat a whole family at once!

116: In my thinking here, Mimics are a natural occurrence, they have to be able to infect things that are not man made. So, before humans were around the natural Mimic infected nuts, seeds, shells and other natural occurring hollow objects. Of cause those things still exist and Nuts infected with mimics have become a delicacy in some countries.

117: The dwarven nightmare, the bane of bavaria... A Stein-Mimic! Many a dwarf lost his nose, or more terribly,  his beard to one of those beasts.

118: I just can help myself. after a few days of monsters it immediately fell back to nice stuff. This fine old lady always had an interest in Mimics. She researched their spread and procreation in order to breed more harmless, docile mimics which she could as pets. Decades later she succeeded! Besides the first breed of harmless mimics she found something that saved the lives of untold numbers of adventurer in the years to come: Mimics love sweets. Now adventurers check chests by throwing cookies or sugar cubes on them, greatly minimizing the risk.

119: Two brotherly burglars hatched a plan to break into a villa of a old aristocratic family of great renown. They gathered information which told them that the the families patriarch is alone for the weekend. And so they broke in, sneaking through the house until they stumbled upon a round-ish shape on the floor. "Brother.. what, what is that thing?" whispered one to the other. " I don't know, but it is terrifyingly fluffy... we better keep our distance", replied the other. No informant told anything about pets in the house!

120: They sneaked further through the house until they reached the wing with the living chambers. A door was slightly open and a dim light shined through the cracks and keyhole. They spied through... and there he was. The patriarch was still awake, surrounded by more of his fluffy pets.

That is all for now. The next batch will follow soon with some random drawings followed by 2 new little stories.

Once again sorry for the delay but my situation gets slowly better. Towards August and September I expect to have more time on my hands again. Thanks for sticking around!