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Daily Drawings week 18 and 19

The next batch of dailies, finally! I am very busy right now. Between finding a new place to live, looking for a new job and preparing, reworking portfolios and the commute to my current workplace I rarely have time for anything else at the moment. I hope you can excuse the resulting lack of posting here. I still share my dailies on twitter (@MarschelArts) and Instagram (marcelgroeber) but I can't get one done every day. Once everything calms down a bit I will get back to my original schedule. Until then, lets go through the images of the last two weeks, shall we?

107: For the images to come I've decided to design some monsters. After drawing more happy, funny and nice things for the most part of the dailies, it was time to let my " darker " side out for a walk. So I drew some monsters, starting with one of the more classic, low level enemies, the skeleton warrior.

108: The second monster, a mine / cave bat. Got more cute than intended oô. These big bats have been t…