Daily Drawings week 16 and 17... Catch up post!

I've been rather lazy with my blog lately for no good reason other than.. being lazy?
But the daily drawings continued none the less. So this one will be a catch up post to bring you up to speed. So buckle up, there are a lot drawings to go through!

I present: The Pillow fighters! A set of characters that sprung from a silly dream I had about a huge pillow battle. A huge battlefield with trenches, barricades bunkers and all that stuff but the forces fighting where kids with pillows as weapons and armor. So I spent approximately one week just with characters inspired by that dream

93: There's not much to say about the characters themselves. No big backstory or description. Most of them are directly inspired by characters from said dream

94: And yes. In the dream some had shoulder pads and body armor made of pillows or cardboard, both loosely tethered to the body by strings or rope. Some had cardboard helmets and shields as well.

95: Some fought wild like berserkers, jumping all over the place, twirling around dual wielding or using one giant pillow like a club.

96:They where various ages and sizes. some used living plushies as mounts , like a form of cavalry, some used them like hunters would in some mmorpg's.

97: Some where more timid than others, hiding behind cover only to strike in the most opportune moment

98: Others formed a solid front line,. heavily armored using shields to deflect blows. Think like a medieval battlefield.

99: And there where also ranged warriors, standing on a mountain of small pillows, hurling them towards the enemy line or trying to dismount the riders.

That dream was really fun stuff! I think it was inspired by me playing Rome, Total war again. I've developed them a bit further in my spare time and might do more with the idea ;)

100: One hundred.... it's crazy to think about that number and the mountain of images I produced in such a short time! I'm Happy that I started the dailies and have to thank a good friend very dearly for that! Back in December, all this started when she challenged me to do one character drawing every day till new year. After that I just kept on going and the rest is history. I'm looking forward to the next 100! :)

101: Trying out a different digital pencil technique. Like using the broad side of the pencil do hatch, or using graphite powder. It's a descent result but I need to improve on both the brush and application before it is a working technique.

102: Still live my travelers and their mounts! Inspired by an article about feathered dinosaurs I've red a while back. Those beasts get less intimidating each year oô.

103: A friendly lady and her little prince.

104: Two dashing salesman ready to open their shop...

105: ... The " Item Shop on Wheels "! Are you out on an adventure? perhaps out of potions or provisions!? Has one of your party members run out of...life and needs replenishment? Fear not! For now you can restock much needed items on the road! Full backpack? need to get rid of that pesky gray loot other junk that just keeps dropping? Not only do we sell the goods an daring, dashing adventurer like you needs, we also take the load of unwanted items you had to take " just in case.. " off your back so you have enough room when that purple and orange will drop!

106: Ah, siblings. When the older has to look after the younger, and both would rather do something else.

And that's it, we're up to date. 
Over 100 dailies now... really crazy but I'm glad I'm doing them. On the many more!