Daily Drawings week 15 and a short talk about taking breaks

Again a delay, I really sorry about that! But this time, there's a rather good reason for it. I took A break from both the dailies and the internet as a whole for about a week to focus on portfolio stuff and to get a clear head. Because of that I also forgot to post last weeks summery. More on that later, lets get to the drawings first.

88: Father and son on the road. Playing with shapes, especially in the design of the father. As I get more loose and relaxed in drawing again, I start to experiment more in the scribble phase. Sadly it did not translate that well into the final drawing, but I'm getting there.

89: Throne-Shroom guard on duty! Keeping a watchful eye over the mossy forest floor. The little guy behind him is a rookie in training. He still has to get the stern look right but at least he's eager to be on the job.

90: Little fairy girl with her doggo friend. And boy do I need to practice drawing animals... and I should use reference when I do that D':
I got good critique and advice for future dog drawings from a friend, so I hope the next one will be better. Still, need to do some studies.

91: There's always time for a good cup of tea. Especially if served by a kind young lady. 

92: It was time for a new avatar! My beard is not that fluffy in RL.. but I'm working on it ;)

That's it. Last weeks summery. Again, I'm sorry for the delay. As mentioned in the beginning, I needed to take a break from both the dailies and the internet as a whole. With the dailies, I started to burn out a bit and needed my limited free time for both studies, some freelance and portfolio work.
There's still a lot in full turmoil in my life and I suppose this will not change in the near future.

It's ok to take breaks. no matter what you do and how much you love it, if you don't take time to recover both your physical and mental strength, you'll eventually run out of steam. A break now and then helps a lot to prevent that.

But now I'm back and kicking again, so the regular summery for this week will arrive on Sunday as ( usually ) usual.