Daily Drawings week 14

Late post for week 14! I actually forgot to to click on publish...
Well, on we go then!
This week was a bit rougher on the time side which results in more line drawings and less rendering. Which is not a bad thing per se. Getting the lines right is a very important skill. If you manage to get your characters right and alive with just the lines your finished piece will look more alive as well. At least if you don't render it to death :p

82: Ah, the honor of guard duty for the daughters of the chieftain... well, at least he'll smell good and look fancy afterwards!

82: Again, a man on guard duty, sort of. In general it is not a good idea to sleep in duty, especially when the sergeant might be around.

83: An elder ghost telling his newly... ahm "born" brethren some good night spooks. After all, the best way to teach is to encapsulate the information inside of a story!

84: Adventurous young lady out in the countryside. Storytelling and more pencil rendering practice!

85: " May I interest you for a potion of spare time?" Potion seller in his apothecary. I got the idea from a little twitter conversation with a follower in which I complained that I don't have enough free time for all my projects. She mentioned she had enough to spare but did not now how to trade it. and so this nice old fellow was born! Bottled spare time.. oh how much I would like that!

86. This fine old lady was a passionate traveler in her youth. Sadly her age caught up with her and her old legs can't carry her that far anymore. Luckily her grandson owns a Spider Silk farm! Recently he bred a big and very fluffy kind of spider. At first he thought it was a failure and dead end since the spiders did not produce much silk and their puffy fur was not of much use either. But their shape and fluffiness makes them vary comfortable to sit on for a prolonged period and they are strong enough to carry people and luggage. Now his old grandma can travel again and he has a new business opportunity on his hands!