Daily drawings week 13

One more week gone! I mostly continued with the cross hatching style from last week. This shading technique really sticks to me and I'll continue practicing it for a while longer.

76: Comfort zoning to get the week going. Since I was sick at home I had the time to spent on shading. Although I can't recommend doing that with a fever. Took way longer than it should have!

77: Old wizard and his assistant and apprentice. She knew what she was getting into when she took that position. Still it was hard to imagine what people meant by saying: You'll be a muscle wizard after that!

78: capturing my mood after 3 days of being stuck at home with fever. yearning for the sweet release of being outside, relaxing in the sun. Well, its good to be able to express such feelings through art. I'm really looking forward to spring / summer. Being outside drawing and sketching in the sun.

79: More hoping for summer, traveling and hiking! I'ts been really long since I have been on a real vacation... years even, for really stupid reasons. I'ts about time!

80: more comfort zoning and hatching practice. not much more to say here, moving on

81:  A rare fan art thing! Got inspired by the artwork for the new The legend of Zelda, Breath of the wild. It will be a while until I can play it myself, as there is a lot to do before I can allow myself to buy a Switch. As for the topic of the fan art: I always loved the Gorons and I think they've developed great since Ocarina of time.

So yeah, another week done! I did not write much about each drawing as I'm still a bit dizzy from the flu. I'll try to get more storytelling done with this weeks dailies :)