Daily Drawings week 11

Work has gripped me again lately, so I missed one or two dailies this time as well... I also had move the weeks summery to today.. well. I think I'll continue posting the summery on Sunday for the next weeks. Makes a bit more sense anyways.
On to the drawings!

62: I've gone through my my older paintings lately since I want to print a few of them. I rediscovered my farmboy diorama and remembered how much I like the concept of such diorama drawings in general so I did one for that day. It found his way into my "gonna go back to that one later" folder. There's not much of storytelling right now, definetly something that has to improve before I make a painting out of this drawing.

63: A quick cool down comfort zone drawing to end the day. Not much to say here :)

64: The valentines day one. A self portrait based on how I felt that day, since I'm alone atm I prefer to chill somewhere and draw. I personally don't like the concept of valentines day as I think you can always think of and enjoy time with your significant other, still, I appreciate the positive atmosphere and happiness of the people on dates that day. Me not liking something is no reason to make it bad for others too ;)

65: Portrait practice, not much else to say, moving on!

66: Lady curls cleaning company ready for action! Drawn after a small tidy up action evolved into a spring cleaning spree. If I had the help of such a professional team it would not have taken me 4 hours to do.

67: Aah, happy day. Once a month there is a medieval themed dance night in a local metal / gothic / alternative club which I love! I usually dance too much for my own good and have sore muscles for two days after it.. but it is so worth it! I had a really good night, meeting old friends, making new ones, hence this drawing the day after. Based on me and what I'm usually wearing when I'm there ;)

68: A bad guy? where?! Well, this attack did not go as the brigand intended. The stun this little lad used is seriously OP and needs a nerf.
The drawing is based on a sketch I did during the Munich Drink and Draw yesterday.

There was much socializing this weekend... and it felt good. very, very good! I don't get to do much with people due to my current job and commuting and tent to grow lonely after a while.. But there's this one week where everything falls together, from medieval dance night to Drink and Draw and it recharges both my human and creative batteries.
If you often sit at home and start to feel bad but don't really know why, it might be exactly that. As humans we are generally social creatures and get sick being alone for too long. Go out there, draw outside or in a cafe, listen and watch other people, talk to them or let them talk to you. Some are strange, some are bad, true, but most are kind, open and seriously interested in what you do. I'm sure your health and mood will improve. It might be draining at first, but it is worth a try :)
Sure, this does not fit to everybody, some are really introverted and don't need this. I thought myself to be an introvert for a very long time, but due to "recent" events I discovered that to be not really the case and I've learned, that we don't know much about ourselves if we don't push our boundaries.