Daily Drawings week 9 ( sort of )

This week was a rough one... I hurt the shoulder of my drawing arm during sport last Sunday and hat to rest it for a few day's, since I couldn't lift the arm without a surge of pain. Because of that, I only managed to do four dailies... Always stretch and warm up properly before sport, especially when you get " older "! Anyways, on to the few drawings!

52: Baldwyn, again a character of one of my story concepts. I've had the idea for him and the story he belongs to about two or three years ago and I didn't draw him and the other cast in a very long time. That's what I love the the most about this daily routine: I get to all the things I had to leave or ignored for so long.. and each passing day I get more and more motivated! I highly recommend you pic up a daily routine as well! It kills every sign of an art block ;)

As with last weeks Saturday drawing I recorded the drawing process after the initial thumbnail for my Youtube Channel:

53: A random dwarf the day after I hurt my arm. I soldiered through that day with painkillers and decided to visit the doc  the next day as I couldn't lift a glass of water in the evening with that arm. Again, don't be stupid! Sport is important for your health, but don't forget to properly warm up before you get at it!

54: Another random dude drawn with the last remnants of pain. I'm not that happy with him due to the cramped line quality.. well day's like that happen, moving on!

55: Back to more fluent and relaxed lines and no pain! yay! She based on one of the possible designs of the main character of the story I am actively working on. Crazy right? Something that might actually get finished! Not much else to say about her for now.

Well, that's a short list this week.. Next time there will be seven drawings and one video again. Time to pick up the pace!