Daily Drawings Week 12

A day late because the Sunday one took two day's and I finished it moments ago.. well.. More about that at the drawing down at the bottom.
Lets dive right into it!

69: A bard using a high level skill, the ballad of discomfort,  to bring down a vicious ogre!.. well, at least that is what his friends tell him to make him feel better about his.. performance. Still it does the job! ( as long as he doesn't try to buff his friends )

70: Two hunters on the prowl, sneaking through the forest. Will these brave, smart men prevail.. or will the huner become the prey?

71: A more peaceful concept. A boy and his dragon friend helping each other out to a delicious apple meal. Of course the dragon could just fly up and get all of them, but he was never the sharpest tool in the shed. Still he does his best and that is what counts!

72: A dashing young man in his militia uniform.. if you can call it that. Even a small hamlet like the one he is from needs an official representative of the law to keep the peace, settle disputes and keep the bandits out. Naturally he needed an emblem to go along with his duty, which his little sister provided him as a birthday present. what A kind little artist!

73: Cheers to my giant friend! I've been playing a bit of Skyrim the past week and always liked the giants with their mammoth heard. Ah, the way they fling you in the air... Sad that you don't interact much with them quest wise. I think there was much potential lost. Oh and forgive me the little self insert ;)

74: I talked to someone about drawing the other day. During that conversation we got on the topic of drawing animals where I mentioned that opposite to her, I don't feel secure drawing them because of a lack of practice. So I did the sensible thing, grabbed some reference and got going. To make it easier on my nerves I mixed in my comfort zone and made it a mount for a traveler :p

75: the one mentioned in the intro part of the post... After having a good run with the goat yesterday I wanted to continue with drawing an animal. As it was Sunday and I h ad more time on my hands I decided to pack more details in and make the drawing bigger than the usual dailies, which... got a little bit out of hand. I also underestimated the amount of time the crosshatching would take and thus took more than one day for this daily.

I should keep the drawings a bit simpler for the dailies or don't render them fully like the last one this week. After all, I can always develop them further afterwards!

All in all... I'm very happy with the drawings of this week. My ideas get more complex with each week it seems and I manage to tell or open little stories with them. If this keeps up I'll be a very happy man towards the end of the year :D