Daily Drawings week 10

Ten weeks in now... crazy. I thought it was hard when I started the dailies back in December.. but now it has grown into a very important habit and I feel bad when I miss a day. Before I started the dailies, I was in a really bad shape in regards to my drawing habit and I lost a great deal of passion for it. It feels as if something that has been asleep since I started working professionally has finally been woken up... good times, good times!

So on to the drawings!

56: Irmin, friend and party member of Baldwyn, the enchanter of last week. Since I got to draw him I thought to myself: why not draw the other cast members on the video day as well? And so I did. Let's see if I have an idea for the third member of the team for the next video recording.

57: A group of travelers on the way to a rather famous and sometimes elusive inn: the Smirking Hog.
This week I got into one of my favorite topics again: traveling and wanderlust. I like drawing characters on a journey to somewhere, or as it is the case with the good old wanderlust, a journey for the journey's sake.

58: random midweek character. As it is often with the working day's, I don't have much freetime on my hands so I resort to smaller things for those days 

59: Mother and child traveling together. Inspired by a mother and her child I met on the commute. The young boy seemed very active for his age and was fascinated by me drawing. he couldn't keep his eyes away and, pointed at me, my tablet and pens always asking: this? in his broken baby talk.

60: random fencer woman. Trying to get more dynamic with poses, followed by a rush of self doubt, anger and an hour of figure drawing :'D I'm mixed about her. The pose itself seems all right, it feels dynamic. But the proportions are a bit out of wack. Still so much to learn!

61: We all know that. Sitting at the boat stop waiting for the next raid party to pick us up. In moments like this it is great to have a portable hobby like drawing, or in his case wood carving. I hope he doesn't have to wait too long.