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Daily Drawings Week 12

A day late because the Sunday one took two day's and I finished it moments ago.. well.. More about that at the drawing down at the bottom.
Lets dive right into it!

69: A bard using a high level skill, the ballad of discomfort,  to bring down a vicious ogre!.. well, at least that is what his friends tell him to make him feel better about his.. performance. Still it does the job! ( as long as he doesn't try to buff his friends )

70: Two hunters on the prowl, sneaking through the forest. Will these brave, smart men prevail.. or will the huner become the prey?

71: A more peaceful concept. A boy and his dragon friend helping each other out to a delicious apple meal. Of course the dragon could just fly up and get all of them, but he was never the sharpest tool in the shed. Still he does his best and that is what counts!

72: A dashing young man in his militia uniform.. if you can call it that. Even a small hamlet like the one he is from needs an official representative of the law to …

Daily Drawings week 11

Work has gripped me again lately, so I missed one or two dailies this time as well... I also had move the weeks summery to today.. well. I think I'll continue posting the summery on Sunday for the next weeks. Makes a bit more sense anyways.
On to the drawings!

62: I've gone through my my older paintings lately since I want to print a few of them. I rediscovered my farmboy diorama and remembered how much I like the concept of such diorama drawings in general so I did one for that day. It found his way into my "gonna go back to that one later" folder. There's not much of storytelling right now, definetly something that has to improve before I make a painting out of this drawing.

63: A quick cool down comfort zone drawing to end the day. Not much to say here :)

64: The valentines day one. A self portrait based on how I felt that day, since I'm alone atm I prefer to chill somewhere and draw. I personally don't like the concept of valentines day as I think you…

Daily Drawings week 10

Ten weeks in now... crazy. I thought it was hard when I started the dailies back in December.. but now it has grown into a very important habit and I feel bad when I miss a day. Before I started the dailies, I was in a really bad shape in regards to my drawing habit and I lost a great deal of passion for it. It feels as if something that has been asleep since I started working professionally has finally been woken up... good times, good times!

So on to the drawings!

56: Irmin, friend and party member of Baldwyn, the enchanter of last week. Since I got to draw him I thought to myself: why not draw the other cast members on the video day as well? And so I did. Let's see if I have an idea for the third member of the team for the next video recording.

57: A group of travelers on the way to a rather famous and sometimes elusive inn: the Smirking Hog.
This week I got into one of my favorite topics again: traveling and wanderlust. I like drawing characters on a journey to somewhere, or a…

Daily Drawings week 9 ( sort of )

This week was a rough one... I hurt the shoulder of my drawing arm during sport last Sunday and hat to rest it for a few day's, since I couldn't lift the arm without a surge of pain. Because of that, I only managed to do four dailies... Always stretch and warm up properly before sport, especially when you get " older "! Anyways, on to the few drawings!

52: Baldwyn, again a character of one of my story concepts. I've had the idea for him and the story he belongs to about two or three years ago and I didn't draw him and the other cast in a very long time. That's what I love the the most about this daily routine: I get to all the things I had to leave or ignored for so long.. and each passing day I get more and more motivated! I highly recommend you pic up a daily routine as well! It kills every sign of an art block ;)

As with last weeks Saturday drawing I recorded the drawing process after the initial thumbnail for my Youtube Channel:

53: A random dwarf the…