Daily Characters week6

Another week, another 6 characters! What started as a little challenge between an friend an me has developed in a fun warm-up - cool-down routine for me. Slowly it becomes a habit to end the work day, or start my personal drawing day on the weekend with one of those.

Let us get to the drawings:

33: the third character from the same short story as 32 and 31 of last week. There is also a third bandit which I might do on a day as well. I mostly did characters from stories of mine during this week. It feels so good to finally draw them or get back to them!

34: A character from another of my stories: Merlinde. I've been working on her story for years now. Writing, sketching, stopping, picking it up again, writing, stopping.. rinse and repeat! Last year I got the story to a point where I was really happy with it. There are still some plot holes and things that don't add up perfectly, but I'm getting close!

35: A random character for this day. I was home very late and just started doodling around, resulting in that... ehm.. sewer-kobold-with-a-tail kind of thing. There's not much else to this.

36: An old scribe with his slime apprentice. Yet again.. a short story D: .
the ideas keep on piling up.. well, at least I will not run out of things to do any time soon.

37: Was another day where I got very late out of the office, so I gave the apprentice slime another go. He is based on a pastel drawing I drew a while ago, which is where the short story with him and the scribe originated from. I think many of you experienced this: You draw something.. just fooling around and out of that a little character emerges. Now that its there, you start thinking about who he is, what he is doing, where he is from... and moments later a whole new world is born in your head :D

38: A City guard. A bit rough around the edges, grumpy, but all in all a nice guy. And you guessed it: he, or at least the concept behind him, is part of yet another story idea. A much bigger story this time I haven't explored in all detail yet, since I want to get to the small ones first. But during these daily drawings I enjoy tinkering with those concepts just for fun.

39 and end of week 6, the commander of the city watch. A stern old man, Veteran of a great war and keeper of peace. His design is one of the most developed in that story concept. Its mostly small details I am changing every time I draw him.

That's another week done! Each drawing I get more and more secure again... it feels great to get so much done after almost two years of what felt like stagnation!
Lets have a good weekend everyone!