Daily Characters week 8

It's 8 weeks of daily character drawings now. At this point it really has become a habit and I feel terrible when I miss one, which I did again this week, more on that later. I really struggled with my art in the last two years. Due to personal and work related problems I lost both focus and drive, made bad habits and so on. Taking on that challenge last December was a great tool to get back into drawing shape! Things are looking up! So on to the drawings!

 46: The dwarven love for beer, ale and mead starts at a fairly young age, especially in this little fellows case. At least he slept very early and peacefully that night.
After the initial thumbnail for this one I decided to record the process. I mean, if I get down to draw one everyday I easily could switch on OBS and revive my Youtube channel a bit! I'll try to record one of each week, most likely the Saturday one.

47: An crossbow sniper hiding behind a pavise during a siege. Well, it is more a stationary defense construct than an actual pavise, but you get the idea.

48: A very concerned orc warrior scolding me because I missed one daily again... Now and then I come home from work way to late... mostly due to issues with the train... and when I get home past 22 I often go to sleep immediately since I have to get up at 6 in the morning.... I need to change that soon.

49: As you can guess, I had a very rough and bad one that day. Sometimes you just don't have enough strength to cope and have to let it all out. And that is absolutely fine! Don't lock up that bullshit inside of you as it will always come back stronger than before. Let yourself go for a moment, be sad, angry or even furious for a moment, but don't stay there. Get it out of your system and move on forward! Drawing helps me a lot on those days since I can banish my emotions onto the paper / digital canvas, visualize what is going on, how I feel or whats missing which helps to cope understand and sort shit out.

50: On a... brighter note: half the way to 100! WOO! A friendly old wizard lady. I enjoy drawing old people the most because you can do soooo much to the proportions and shapes and they still look right! With young characters, as soon as you make one mark to many or to strong they immediately age 100 years... <.<

51: the colleague of the wizard lady from 50. She's more on the grumpy side most of the time, but still enjoys the the company of her little sprite friends. She didn't summon them or anything like that. They just appeared one day and stuck with her. They have proven themselves a great help on her trips to collect herbs and other ingredients for her alchemy experiments by warding off evil spirits and lesser monsters.