Daily Characters week 7

It's Friday, so here we go with this weeks daily collection! This time there are only 6... I missed one day because I forgot my mobile setup at work... I still drew in my sketchbook that day so.. I kind of did not miss it... ah what ever! lets go to the drawings!

40: I've spent that day drawing boxes, cylinders and spheres in different perspectives for practice and ended that drawing day with this little mage guy. Drawing this one showed me again my lack of understanding in regards of the fundamentals.. hence the practicing of shapes! Its fun and comparing this one to the previous dailies, I do see an improvement!

41: A young warrior in fear of what he is about to face! Little does he know the true horror of what he is about to face...nothing prepared him for the fluffy, giant Snugg!

42: A Mimic tamer. A while back I had an idea for a merchant in a fantasy rpg, using tamed mimics as storage / traps for thieves. And well, those mimics have to come from somewhere ;)

43: I was tired as the character that evening and fell asleep right after posting it. There are those day's where you just can't be bothered to do anything right because you're just too tired.

44: For a change I have a character from yet another story idea! HA!. The story and the characters in it are just a rough idea for now, existing mostly in my head and on some post it's. That's the good thing with the dailies: finally a space of time to get to all those little ideas.

45: A scout looking for enemies from  a higher position, thanks to his trusted "Portable high ground 2000 S MK 3" Codename " Stick".

Now it's time to ease in the weekend. I've got much to do again!