Dailies week 5!

With the " daily December challenge" being over, and mostly successful as well, I decided to continue the daily characters as part of my daily drawing routine, either as warm up or wind down practice.
So here we go!

26: A little gravedigger / robber kind of guy. I think this could be an interesting npc or enemy in a cemetery level of a game or story.

27: Draconid / Argonian worker. It's hard to make anthropomorphic reptiles to work properly. Especially the legs are a pain for me. A good practice for this would be looking at mammalian back legs or birds. Gonna go to the zoo again when winter is over!

28: With this one I started this years master studying. I want to improve my line and drawing skills, so I am taking a good look at other artists work and try to emulate / incorporate their way of drawing into my style. For character design I picked Carter Goodrich, Illustrator and character Designer at Pixar. Look him up, his work is stunning!

29 is a continuation of the "viking warrior" theme of 29. I spent the previous day studying Carter Goodrich, which starts showing in my selection of shapes and flow. I overdid it here but it is fun to bend a form until the anatomy breaks :D

30: That day I went through the drawings and paintings from the last four years. I rediscovered a lot of older stories and ideas, waiting to finally be finished and published. I thought: well I could use the dailies sometimes to work on them, explore them again! so that's what I did here.

31: Besides drawing I've also found my love for writing again. When I was younger I used to write a lot for my comics. I dropped it when I started my apprenticeship and forgot about it when when I started working in the games industry. Which was stupid, because storytelling has been the reason why I started drawing in the first place! I might write a longer blogpost about that in the future but for now: the Characters! 31 and 32 below are both from one of my short stories. I haven't written a lot of them out yet. Most of them are still a amalgamation of scribbles, chunks of text and post it clouds. But I am getting back to it. The only problem is to decide which comes first D:

Anyway! That's it for week 5 of the dailies. I'll continue the Carter Goodrich studies for a while now. I really enjoy working like this!