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Daily Characters week 8

It's 8 weeks of daily character drawings now. At this point it really has become a habit and I feel terrible when I miss one, which I did again this week, more on that later. I really struggled with my art in the last two years. Due to personal and work related problems I lost both focus and drive, made bad habits and so on. Taking on that challenge last December was a great tool to get back into drawing shape! Things are looking up! So on to the drawings!

 46: The dwarven love for beer, ale and mead starts at a fairly young age, especially in this little fellows case. At least he slept very early and peacefully that night.
After the initial thumbnail for this one I decided to record the process. I mean, if I get down to draw one everyday I easily could switch on OBS and revive my Youtube channel a bit! I'll try to record one of each week, most likely the Saturday one.

47: An crossbow sniper hiding behind a pavise during a siege. Well, it is more a stationary defense construc…

Daily Characters week 7

It's Friday, so here we go with this weeks daily collection! This time there are only 6... I missed one day because I forgot my mobile setup at work... I still drew in my sketchbook that day so.. I kind of did not miss it... ah what ever! lets go to the drawings!

40: I've spent that day drawing boxes, cylinders and spheres in different perspectives for practice and ended that drawing day with this little mage guy. Drawing this one showed me again my lack of understanding in regards of the fundamentals.. hence the practicing of shapes! Its fun and comparing this one to the previous dailies, I do see an improvement!

41: A young warrior in fear of what he is about to face! Little does he know the true horror of what he is about to face...nothing prepared him for the fluffy, giant Snugg!

42: A Mimic tamer. A while back I had an idea for a merchant in a fantasy rpg, using tamed mimics as storage / traps for thieves. And well, those mimics have to come from somewhere ;)

43: I was ti…

Daily Characters week6

Another week, another 6 characters! What started as a little challenge between an friend an me has developed in a fun warm-up - cool-down routine for me. Slowly it becomes a habit to end the work day, or start my personal drawing day on the weekend with one of those.

Let us get to the drawings:

33: the third character from the same short story as 32 and 31 of last week. There is also a third bandit which I might do on a day as well. I mostly did characters from stories of mine during this week. It feels so good to finally draw them or get back to them!

34: A character from another of my stories: Merlinde. I've been working on her story for years now. Writing, sketching, stopping, picking it up again, writing, stopping.. rinse and repeat! Last year I got the story to a point where I was really happy with it. There are still some plot holes and things that don't add up perfectly, but I'm getting close!

35: A random character for this day. I was home very late and just starte…

Dailies week 5!

With the " daily December challenge" being over, and mostly successful as well, I decided to continue the daily characters as part of my daily drawing routine, either as warm up or wind down practice.
So here we go!

26: A little gravedigger / robber kind of guy. I think this could be an interesting npc or enemy in a cemetery level of a game or story.

27: Draconid / Argonian worker. It's hard to make anthropomorphic reptiles to work properly. Especially the legs are a pain for me. A good practice for this would be looking at mammalian back legs or birds. Gonna go to the zoo again when winter is over!

28: With this one I started this years master studying. I want to improve my line and drawing skills, so I am taking a good look at other artists work and try to emulate / incorporate their way of drawing into my style. For character design I picked Carter Goodrich, Illustrator and character Designer at Pixar. Look him up, his work is stunning!

29 is a continuation of the &qu…