December challenge week two

Two days late, but its time to show the images of the second December week. This time I went with the "topic" of RPG classes or jobs. I'll continue with this topic for the next seven day's too as I have ton's of ideas left. Well.. and it is an easy topic too ;)

Anyways, lets get to the drawings!

I began with some level 0 classes. Basic " jobs" or character backgrounds. The first is your run of the mill peasant or farmer. Equipped with the tools of his trade, giving the class some minor combat experience and skills and a lot of specialized traits, its the drawing I'm most happy with from this week. I did not have much time on hand.. and it shows in the following two.

Day nine and ten, another subclass / background: Noble / Burgher. A urban background with higher social and financial status than the peasant. This shows especially in the combat skills, as they most likely had lessons in using different weapon types or aimed to be a knight. They also good social skills to navigate the politics of higher society and possess descent knowledge in science and magic.
Their survival and work related skills are very undeveloped.
In those two days I really was lazy / overworked and decided to do a simple gender bend version of the male drawing to at least get something done.

On to day 11. The third and for the time being last subclass: Beggar. Growing up on the streets, characters with this background have not much in terms of worldly possessions. Because of malnourishment they have been prone to disease and suffer from physical weakness. But they survived thanks to a sharp mind and often keen reflexes. They also learned to fend for themselves and know how to win a fight quick. Their traits are suited for survival under hard conditions and many of them posses a hidden, untapped talent.

On day 12 I decided to start with the Tier one classes. Starting out with the Thief. Quick in mind and reflexes.They take what they need, often from those who can do without or work as a contractor to help the " exchange " of certain goods. They avoid fights as much as possible, relying on traps tools and contraptions to slow and restrict enemies. This experience makes them also descent in finding and disarming traps in general. as with all upper tier classes, their individual skill is greatly influenced by the basic class they started as.

Day 13: Fighter Class. A well rounded close quarters fighter, relying mostly on sword and buckler techniques. A straight forward fighter, experienced in skirmishes and one on one combat. They can also learn other weapon types which often depends on the future they are going for.
I am really not happy with this one.... proportions are all out of wack :/. But this December thing is for practising and part of that is failing! Failing is worth it when you take the time to analise what went wrong in order to learn from it. So I'll be spending time in a figure drawing class next week ;)

Day 14: Adventurer! This class is also well rounded in fighting and different weapons,  but possesses knowledge in a vastly wider range of topics than the other two tier 1 classes. They have seen more of the world, survived lots of different situations and met people of nearly characters. Adventurers have many options going forward but are restricted from some specialized classes like knights and wizards, but thanks to their travels they got other interesting options ;)

That's it for week two! Due to my full time job I am two days behind, but I'll catch them up during the Christmas holiday's. Finlay some time for drawing! Yay!