December challenge week three!

Another week of December done!
Because of Christmas traveling and preparations I wasn't able to draw as much as I wanted to, so I missed two daily characters. But I still got to draw in my sketchbook. So in a sense I did do my dailys ;).
Anyways, lets get to the drawings!

Day 15 continued the character classes theme with the "Apprentice" class. The starting point for all magic wielding classes. They are able to use nearly all basic spells and schools of magic. What sort of mage they become depends on how they want to specialize and what innate Talents they posses.

On day 16 I decided to deviate from the character classes theme a bit. Instead of the Tier structure I wanted to loosen up a bit and just do random character drawing for the next few days. That way they are better suited as warm up bevor going to work. So for that day I did an elven archer of some sort.

For day 17 I drew a Herbalist type character. I wanted to do a slight top down perspective, but I really failed there :/ the proportions are out of wack again and the intended perspective doesn't really work out. I'll have to try that more in the future!

Day 18: Another archer. This time a military archer posing before target practise. I realized hat I have bigger issues with proportions than I thought. The arms are way too long, head to big, legs to short... And I think I know why: I spent a lot of time this year with gesture drawing. And I really mean gesture, focusing solely on the pose and dynamic movement. There I often exaggerate arms and legs to symbolize the movement. Well, That means I have to refocus on anatomy for a while and learn to combine exaggeration and anatomy.

Day 19: After understanding my problem with anatomy I spent a while practising with my sketchbook. It will take a while until it really sits, but I think It already worked out better in this blacksmith.

Doing these characters is showing my lack of knowledge in the basics. Anatomy, perspective, construction. I never really learned those things when I was younger so I just draw by instinct most of the time. I need to get to a point where I work more from knowledge and experience. That means I'll be spending the next few months focusing on the basics! I can do this!