December challenge week 4

Week four of the December daily characters is done. I've decided to continue these dailies in the next year and post the collection at the end of the week. Also I won't be catching up the missing 4. Sucks but in half a year I won't remember that anyway :p

On we go then!
As stated in the last week, I stopped making up character classes for a RPG. Instead I drew what came to mind, mostly as a warm up in the morning before working on projects of personal paintings.

Grandma ready for battle! Most likely because one of her grandchildren seem a bit hungry.. you know that kind of grandmas ;). Of cause in her prime she was a revered swords woman, keeping the peace in the land and beating up bandits. Now in retirement, she keeps the peace in her kitchen.. and still beats up bandits now and then.

That's it for the last week of December. This daily routine proves as a great practice. I get faster and more relaxed again each drawing. Also I see my mistakes again, which is the most important thing when you want to improve.

This will also be the last post for 2016 but I will write up a post mortem of my art and progress during this year early next week. I hope you come good into 2017, lets make it a good one!