Crown Watchman of the Golden Birch

The Golden Birch, one of the largest trees found in the country, houses one of the strongest fairy societies recorded. Their city spans the whole tree, from its roots up to its crown. The magical nature of the Golden Birch helps to sustain and protect the fairies. In turn they protect the tree from vermin, woodcutters and sometimes overzealous scholars (I still feel the sting of their little spears ). Part of their defensive force is the Crown Watch. As their name suggests they are mostly stationed in the high crown and the far branches of the tree, keeping an eye on the outside world. Depending on the level of threat they either engage directly or report to the deeper layers of the tree to call for reinforcements.

During the starting week of the december characters I did a series of fairy characters. As it so often happens with me a initially small idea grows and grows, connects with other ideas and demands to be made into a project.
In the case of the fairies I thought they could fit into the same basic story behind the Hidden Burrow painting, which developed out of t The giants forest painting I did a while ago.
Another project idea waiting for me to finally have time on my hands! Damn it!

At least I won't run out of things to do any time soon.

Process Video for the painting: