A challenge for December

Loooong time no read everyone! This year keeps on being busy as much as it can... I rarely have time for personal work and... well.. really miss it.
So much so that I decided to tag along a friend of mine who is doing a December challenge for herself. Really simple: Do one character drawing each day!
Mostly it is about getting back into the Habit of doing at least one drawing of some sort each day. No theme, no Topic given, no medium forced to use. Just grad what you have and get going.

For me, I will do most of them digitally during my commute ( again, not much spare time at the Moment ).
I also decided to give myself a theme for a certain amount of time. The first week evolved into the theme: Fairy Society. For day one I started with this drawing of some kind of fairy guardsman, standing watch on one of the branches of his city's home tree.

I liked the idea of some sort of fairy military and went with it for the second day as well. I thought: well, a City watch certainly needs units for fast vertical movement between the Levels of a giant tree... so what about them riding a special breed of squirrel?

I kept thinking about that military. but with the time, it changed to a whole society. What kinds of fairies might live there? Certainly if there is a military they have veterans... and of cause old people as well. What followed was day three's character: an old dude fairy, also called " Yoda Fairy" by a friend of mine.

And since there also have to be young fairies as well, day four featured a set of children.

As it happens all to often with me, once I start thinking about a topic it keeps on growing and growing. A big fairy society clearly has to feed itself on a bigger scale than just individual farming. What could, or would they eat? I got the idea that they might enjoy sweets. So farming bees? Too dangerous. What else is there?.. Ah! Honeydew! Clearly they would prefer the more stationary and peaceful Shield lice ( if that's the correct English term ). Ad thus for day 5 the Honeydew Farmer was born.

On day six and seven I wanted to feature the rulers of this fairy society. King and queen, both on the older and wiser side of life.

So far I enjoy doing These. ( Rather ) quick drawings to ease out a Long workday. After day seven I decided to Switch topics, which you can see next week ;) 
I will make finished paintings out of a few of them, once I have the time of cause. Until then, lets Keep drawing, Keep painting and Keep improving :)