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December challenge week 4

Week four of the December daily characters is done. I've decided to continue these dailies in the next year and post the collection at the end of the week. Also I won't be catching up the missing 4. Sucks but in half a year I won't remember that anyway :p

On we go then!
As stated in the last week, I stopped making up character classes for a RPG. Instead I drew what came to mind, mostly as a warm up in the morning before working on projects of personal paintings.

Grandma ready for battle! Most likely because one of her grandchildren seem a bit hungry.. you know that kind of grandmas ;). Of cause in her prime she was a revered swords woman, keeping the peace in the land and beating up bandits. Now in retirement, she keeps the peace in her kitchen.. and still beats up bandits now and then.

That's it for the last week of December. This daily routine proves as a great practice. I get faster and more relaxed again each drawing. Also I see my mistakes again, which is the most…

Crown Watchman of the Golden Birch

The Golden Birch, one of the largest trees found in the country, houses one of the strongest fairy societies recorded. Their city spans the whole tree, from its roots up to its crown. The magical nature of the Golden Birch helps to sustain and protect the fairies. In turn they protect the tree from vermin, woodcutters and sometimes overzealous scholars (I still feel the sting of their little spears ). Part of their defensive force is the Crown Watch. As their name suggests they are mostly stationed in the high crown and the far branches of the tree, keeping an eye on the outside world. Depending on the level of threat they either engage directly or report to the deeper layers of the tree to call for reinforcements.

During the starting week of the december characters I did a series of fairy characters. As it so often happens with me a initially small idea grows and grows, connects with other ideas and demands to be made into a project.
In the case of the fairies I thought they could f…

December challenge week three!

Another week of December done!
Because of Christmas traveling and preparations I wasn't able to draw as much as I wanted to, so I missed two daily characters. But I still got to draw in my sketchbook. So in a sense I did do my dailys ;).
Anyways, lets get to the drawings!

Day 15 continued the character classes theme with the "Apprentice" class. The starting point for all magic wielding classes. They are able to use nearly all basic spells and schools of magic. What sort of mage they become depends on how they want to specialize and what innate Talents they posses.

On day 16 I decided to deviate from the character classes theme a bit. Instead of the Tier structure I wanted to loosen up a bit and just do random character drawing for the next few days. That way they are better suited as warm up bevor going to work. So for that day I did an elven archer of some sort.

For day 17 I drew a Herbalist type character. I wanted to do a slight top down perspective, but I really fail…

December challenge week two

Two days late, but its time to show the images of the second December week. This time I went with the "topic" of RPG classes or jobs. I'll continue with this topic for the next seven day's too as I have ton's of ideas left. Well.. and it is an easy topic too ;)

Anyways, lets get to the drawings!

I began with some level 0 classes. Basic " jobs" or character backgrounds. The first is your run of the mill peasant or farmer. Equipped with the tools of his trade, giving the class some minor combat experience and skills and a lot of specialized traits, its the drawing I'm most happy with from this week. I did not have much time on hand.. and it shows in the following two.

Day nine and ten, another subclass / background: Noble / Burgher. A urban background with higher social and financial status than the peasant. This shows especially in the combat skills, as they most likely had lessons in using different weapon types or aimed to be a knight. They also go…

A challenge for December

Loooong time no read everyone! This year keeps on being busy as much as it can... I rarely have time for personal work and... well.. really miss it.
So much so that I decided to tag along a friend of mine who is doing a December challenge for herself. Really simple: Do one character drawing each day!
Mostly it is about getting back into the Habit of doing at least one drawing of some sort each day. No theme, no Topic given, no medium forced to use. Just grad what you have and get going.

For me, I will do most of them digitally during my commute ( again, not much spare time at the Moment ).
I also decided to give myself a theme for a certain amount of time. The first week evolved into the theme: Fairy Society. For day one I started with this drawing of some kind of fairy guardsman, standing watch on one of the branches of his city's home tree.

I liked the idea of some sort of fairy military and went with it for the second day as well. I thought: well, a City watch certainly needs…