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Practise dude

Practise stuff! Nothing special with a story behind it. just pure practise :). But story stuff will follow soon. I promise!

I currently spent most of my personal painting time on practising basics and learning new techniques.
In this one I used techniques I learned in he Schoolism class of Dice Tsutsumi and Robert Kondo ( If you are interested, you can find the course here: Painting with light an color ).

As a goody, I have two closeups. First the face: All in all, I'm happy with the result. The colours are saturated and bold, facial planes and materials work descently. Also I think his spaced out expression reads nicely. Still there's a lot left to improve! 

Second: the hand holding the hoe: The part I really failed at this time... The anatomy is really bad and the planes / shapes are off too,  rendering is a huge blobby mess of colour. 

I still feel the sting of the last few years, where I got complacent and lazy with my work, especially with learning, yet that time can be r…