Schoolism live Stockholm

What a Weekend!

I got the opportunity to visit this years Schoolism Live workshop in beautiful Stockholm, Sweden. And what a great and inspiring weekend it was!
Over two weeks we learned from 6 awesome tutors about how they approach and practice characterdesign and storytelling in illustration / storyboarding. Aside from that, each of them shared a look on their past life and how they build their career, combined with a massive amount of advice, inspiration and food for thought.
It is also always awesome to be around so many other artists of varying skill and knowledge levels, each with their own background and plans. I highly recommend you try to attend one of these workshops as well!

The first day was committed sole to character design. We learned from Steven Silver, Daniel Arriaga and Shiyoon Kim. Each of them walked us through their individual workflow and gave us a peak behind the scenes of Movies like Zootopia and Big hero 6, Toy Story and Wreck it Ralph.
I was glad to once again listen and talk to Steven Silver. He is a great guy and an excellent speaker and teacher. He helped ( and still does) me through a very rough time and I was happy to be able to finally thank him in person for everything he has done and continues to do for aspiring, established and struggling artists.

As a very special treat, I got to meet the lovely and awesome Andrea that weekend! She's a big inspiration for me and we follow each others blogs and art for quite some time now. I actually was a bit nervous and felt like I spoke like a broken typewriter D:. Anyways. We both got a huge inspiration and motivation boost for our projects. And I will go right to work after this post is finished ;)

Part of the first day was a evening get together party for all attendees and tutors!  A great chance to talk to the tutors and get hands on portfolio review and carrer advice in a casual and relaxed environment. It is also a great way to exchange contacts with likeminded artists and get freinds from all over the world.

On the second day we got taught about storytelling. Here I want to especially note Sam Nielson and Kris Pearn.
Sam is a wonderfully skilled painter with a vast knowledge about light and colour. He talked about how light affects colour and value, how different light setups affect the subject and story of a painting. He broke down those very complex subjects in such a way that they where very easy to follow and to understand A true master of his craft!
And Kris... Man what a guy! Energetic and lively he pulled us right into his lecture about story, storytelling and storyboarding. He also build in a participation part where brave individuals of the audience got to do a panel of a storyboard. His lecture was exactly what I needed to help me with my own project ;)

All of them brought us the basics and introduced us to each subjectmatter and gave us the tools to explore and learn effectively on our own. Thank you for that!

Part of the first day was a evening get to gether party for all attendees and tutors!  A great chance to talk to the tutors and get hands on portfolio review and carrer advice

Before I come to a close, I also want to thank the Schoolism Live Team:

Thank you for your hard work to make these two days the best experience possible, and thank you for the opportunity to meet and learn from a few of my heroes and biggest inspirations.
Keep up the great work and have fun at all the future Schoolism live Events. I'll join in when ever I can!

With that, my little relapse of the past Weekend comes to a close.
Again, I highly reccomend taking part in a Schoolism live event. There are a few left for this year and a lot have allready be announced for 2017!

Have a nice day everyone! *Grabs pen, starts working*