Monday, May 30, 2016

Gnomish Alchemist

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Yeah, yeah, I still love my gnomes and dwarfs... nearly as much as I love my traveling scenes ;p

I incorporated a little bit of what I've learned during the workshop, but since I started this painting a while back, I couldn't incorporate everything. That will be used in the next paining!

There's still a lot I need to improve, so I'll be focusing on studies this week ( aside from writing and sketching for my story )
Thats it for today! See you later this week :)


  1. haha so much to learn so little time. Looking good! For some reason, I see a sequence here. The next thing that happens could be the skull smelling the smoke from that potion and start laughing hysterically, and makes the dwarf scared shitless - haha! I dunno why, it just makes sense that the skull should come alive somehow, it has character :D

    Reply: Ohh I need to get better at thumbnailing, usually I'm too lazy to make several ones so I can pick the best one. Shame on me. I'm jealous haha, that library you're mentioning is awesome to have! Everyone should incorporate that.

    1. Haha yes! Just like in "the last Unicorn"! Only with... strange fumes instead of wine. Well I suppose there is some form of alcohol in the potion for storage reasons oô.