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Gnomish Alchemist

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Yeah, yeah, I still love my gnomes and dwarfs... nearly as much as I love my traveling scenes ;p

I incorporated a little bit of what I've learned during the workshop, but since I started this painting a while back, I couldn't incorporate everything. That will be used in the next paining!

There's still a lot I need to improve, so I'll be focusing on studies this week ( aside from writing and sketching for my story )
Thats it for today! See you later this week :)

Schoolism live Stockholm

What a Weekend!

I got the opportunity to visit this years Schoolism Live workshop in beautiful Stockholm, Sweden. And what a great and inspiring weekend it was!
Over two weeks we learned from 6 awesome tutors about how they approach and practice characterdesign and storytelling in illustration / storyboarding. Aside from that, each of them shared a look on their past life and how they build their career, combined with a massive amount of advice, inspiration and food for thought.
It is also always awesome to be around so many other artists of varying skill and knowledge levels, each with their own background and plans. I highly recommend you try to attend one of these workshops as well!

The first day was committed sole to character design. We learned from Steven Silver, Daniel Arriaga and Shiyoon Kim. Each of them walked us through their individual workflow and gave us a peak behind the scenes of Movies like Zootopia and Big hero 6, Toy Story and Wreck it Ralph.
I was glad to once agai…

Evening fields

Now that summer is around the corner ( somehow skipping spring ) I see a lot more sunsets during my commute, which inspired me to this painting:

I like the golden glow of wheatfields in the sundset.. ( though I see more rapeseed fields here in bavaria ). The warmth gives me a cozy feeling of home, freshly baked bread and... aah I need to do firebread this summer! ( and a painting about that maybe? )

Anyway. I worked quite long on this one.. I think its about 20 hours at this point. I tried a few different approaches than usual. I relied more on the lasso tool and selections combined with a gradient brush in the early stages, hence the clear slopes and shapes of the environment. I applied the same things with the clouds... I'm not too happy with them.. the fall a bit out of the painting and don't really fit into it.... but I think they are interesting by themselves and require more studying!
All in all, I'm happy with the painting. The approach using the lasso tool is very …