Saturday, April 23, 2016

March forward!

 A painting I started esterday and finished on my stream today!
Not much more to say here. I left it rough on purpose, since I try to loosen up my brushstrokes a bit. Also: gradiant brushes are awsome!

During painting I realised that my knowledge about anatomy, especially faces is lacking... BIG TIME...  Which means that I will spend the next few days with lots and lots of studies and anatomy books.
I am happy with the atmosphere and the colours. I do a lot of plain air studies and still lifes rescently.. I think that sort of practise starts showing :)

onwards to the next painting!

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  1. I actually like your anatomy but if you are nervous about it may I suggest live models? Here in Providence RI there is an unstructured group Tuesday nights for about 7 dollars and I keep hearing about similar very affordable groups everywhere. Ask around.