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The Making of: And thus Easter was saved...!

As promised in the last post, I'll take you step by step through the creation process of my painting called "And thus Easter was saved".

In this post I will cover:
My thought process behind an illustration starting with initial thumbnails for composition.Character creation through iterative sketching and painting presentation piecesStep by step of the painting process
Everything starts with an idea.

in this case I wanted to create a painting to be printed as postcard to be sent to family, friends and customers as a Easter present. Besides that, I also wanted to be able to print is as a poster for myself as well.

I start by writing down my idea and scribbling small thumbnails in a booklet or other available pieces of paper.
In this stage, I write and sketch along as I think and develop
the idea through an iterative process, mixing and switching masses, shapes and thoughts as they come to my mind.
I tent to talk to myself or think out loud doing that
(which can be really awk…

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone of you has a good Easter festival of 2016 or some nice holidays for everyone else!
Since I could not finish my Christmas painting in time, I decided to domake up for it with a Easter themed painting instead.

It is called:

And thus, Easter was saved...

Sir Haresley, Knight to the "Order of the Silver Egg" was charged with the quest to retrieve one of the Orders most charished relics: The egg of the great Easter. The Egg, A silver cast idol garned with red gems was stolen by a bunch of puckish rogues. It was needed for an important rite of the order, so time was short. Sir Hareslay chased after the thives with haste. He cought up with them on the third eve of his quest and demanded the egg returned. A short clash ensued, but Sir Haresley valiantly fought and the thieves quickly surrendered. Victourous Sir Haresley quickly made his way back to the order, so the important ceremony could be Held.
And thus Easter was saved!

In my next post, I will go through the w…

Peasant Character Practise

Today I want to share some of the many practise images I do lately.

I spend most of my free time on practising at the moment. This week was mostly for characters.
I liked those three the most and wanted to share them with you,

They are in a very early state. mostly flat colours and a few core shadows. basically at the state I have to bring my conceptart at work. Since the file is quite big, I think I will work on them a bit more and bring them to a fully rendered state for printing. There still are a few white walls in my home!