Candle lady / style and brushtest

 I currently try to make brushes that generate a feeling of chalk / pastell  for the visual style of my little projetct. Today I have a little result for you:

The painting itself doesn't make much sense. I basically threw in all things I wanted to test ( overcast background, strong lighting, fog, fire etc ) without keeping composition and perspective in mind. It was ment to be a testcanvas and it served it's purpose very well.

As stated above, I am working on finding the style for my project. this includes finding / creating the right brushes and workflow for the job.
Here I mostly used standard brushes as a base. The chalkbrushes which come natively with photoshop do work good, but are to low of a resolution for the pixeldimensions I usually work on. Maybe I work to big... its something I also have to consider for the project.  I tempered a bit with them. exchanged the textures and other settings. Additionally I used one made up of a couple of dots to get a jagged border. For the soft parts, I used the standard soft/ round brush + a texturted one. 
All in all, I like the resulting patterns and edges the brushes bring in... but there is room for improvement. 
I started out by blocking in the general shapes in flat colours, then rendered in the basic lights and shadows with a soft brush and with the help of layermodes. Mostly multiply and colourdodge. After that, I broke the clean edges with the jagged and chalk brushes in order to get a feeling of a chalk painted image.
I think I rendered her face and some details too much... I should keep it more loosely and painterly. Also the flame sucks :/

I definatly have to improve on both workflow and tools in order to get to the style I have in mind.. so I'll be back to painting now. :)