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Candle lady / style and brushtest

I currently try to make brushes that generate a feeling of chalk / pastell  for the visual style of my little projetct. Today I have a little result for you:

The painting itself doesn't make much sense. I basically threw in all things I wanted to test ( overcast background, strong lighting, fog, fire etc ) without keeping composition and perspective in mind. It was ment to be a testcanvas and it served it's purpose very well.
As stated above, I am working on finding the style for my project. this includes finding / creating the right brushes and workflow for the job. Here I mostly used standard brushes as a base. The chalkbrushes which come natively with photoshop do work good, but are to low of a resolution for the pixeldimensions I usually work on. Maybe I work to big... its something I also have to consider for the project.  I tempered a bit with them. exchanged the textures and other settings. Additionally I used one made up of a couple of dots to get a jagged border. For…

Greetings by the wayside

"...When on the road, travelling the countryside alone, it is nice to meet a person once in a while. If you do, greet them, give'em a smile, for it will brighten both your and their day..."

I like the topic of travelling. I love travelling an wandering in fact, yet I did not have much chances to follow this love... and a lot of chances I had, have gone to waste because of my indecisiveness. They say, an artists personal work reflects his inner yearnings and wishes. When I look at this and a lot of my previous images I realise how true that sentence is.

Seeing how this image started and how it touned out in the end, does reflect a bit what is happening to me right now.
I'm going to quite some trouble right now, live changeing stuff so to say. But it is not all bad. during the last couple of months I got a lot of insight in myself.. what I've lost, let go to waste, but also I realised what is holding me back. I start to see what I really want... where I want to go …