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Wander through the giants forest

Hello everyone. Finally managed to finish something.
I still don't have much time for personal stuff. reason for that is, that due to my new job, I have to stay in a hotel during the week, renderin gme unable to work on my own stuff during most of the week. As soon as I get a proper appartment, I'll be able to pick up my projects where I left them.

During the week, I can sometimes use my station in the office for my own paintings, so I started this one

A lone wanderer adventuring through the giants forest.

The illustration is based on a couple of sketches i did a while ago.. well they can be seen as some sort of storyboard.

I want to do a environment concept for my portfolio. The idea behind it is simple. A forest with trees so gigantic, that a whole ancient city fits between them. In the thumbnails represented by a temple. A character, or better a group of chracracter, explores this scenery, uncovering secrets, finding artifacts and strange creatures... I think I can combine …