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A livesign and a bandit

Hello everyone!
It has been a while since I last made an entry here. I've been very, very busy.
I recently got an new job at a german game company called Cipsoft. For that job I have to move location to an other city. Until I find a new flat I live in a hotel.. which mean: I don't have my equipment and can't work on digital paintings. ( but I sketch a lot, which is nice ). Occasionally I can stay longer in the office to work on my own stuff, so I was able to finish this one today:

I did the drawing of the character a while ago and tweeted it. Some people suggested adding a background, which I thought: hey, why not! and here it is in its full glory.

Until I find a new flat and have actually moved, updates, streams and videos will be very rare to none existent. I am only at home during the weekend and  have not much time to work... but  here's a rough outline of the things to come:

Finished walkthrough of the shadow fisher:
I wanted to be done with it some time ago... so…