Plain air studies.. beginner level!

Studying is vitally important for everyone  who wants to get to art seriously... a lesson I learned very late in my career.. and it shows.
Nonetheless I started a rigorous study schedule with the beginning of 2015. For the first half of the year it consistet of mostly figure drawing, anatomy and the basics. Today, I had a big plain air sketching day! and I suck at it... for now...

It is quite frustrating to see how much you still have to learn when faced with a new medium ( in this case: Watercolour ), but it was a fun exercise!

They are done with primarily watercolour in a sketchbook with heavy weight paper.

Each of them is only around 8 to 12 cm wide. I primarily tried to catch the light and to emulate the colours. I still have a long way to go until I have mastered everything I want to... but studies like those will help me a great deal!

As an end note I once again encourage you to study as much as you can in as many techniques and media as you can. Your art will profit from it in the long run! So.. back to being frustrated with the results and... well.. more painting! for the heck of it! Chaka!