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Guard and Girl

A new little painting.

it is part of a larger painting... sort of. I cropped a part out of it to test the style I want to use for the image.. and I really like how it turned out :) Workflow went smooth and quick!
Nonetheless I think I need to bring a bit more colour into it... normally there's a nice play of different shades going on in red hair which I totally messed up here.. the guard on th eother hand works fine and has some colour variations going on... At least  I know what to keep an eye out for when doing the bigger painting!

some WIP for you:

Ah,. befor I forget: Part 2 of the " Creating a Story Illustration " walkthrough will be postet next week! Promise!

Plain air studies.. beginner level!

Studying is vitally important for everyone  who wants to get to art seriously... a lesson I learned very late in my career.. and it shows.
Nonetheless I started a rigorous study schedule with the beginning of 2015. For the first half of the year it consistet of mostly figure drawing, anatomy and the basics. Today, I had a big plain air sketching day! and I suck at it... for now...

It is quite frustrating to see how much you still have to learn when faced with a new medium ( in this case: Watercolour ), but it was a fun exercise!

They are done with primarily watercolour in a sketchbook with heavy weight paper.

Each of them is only around 8 to 12 cm wide. I primarily tried to catch the light and to emulate the colours. I still have a long way to go until I have mastered everything I want to... but studies like those will help me a great deal!
As an end note I once again encourage you to study as much as you can in as many techniques and media as you can. Your art will profit from it in…