Putting newly learned things to good use!.. and a Cat Guy

Soo, I've been on the schoolism live workshof in Berlin two weeks ago... and it was a blast! I learned so much from Marcelo Vignali, Stephen Silver and Paul Lasaine (  google them, they are really awsome and inspirational! ) and a lot of great guys and artists. I can Highly recomment Schoolism live to everyone!

Besides being occupied with other work, I've been practising the learned techniques during the last week. For now, I have an image basen on Paul Lasaines work on " Puss in Boots ", using the learned painting and brush creation techniques:

For a first try it worked quite well.. still there's much to learn. Fur is very hard to do and takes a lot of time.. figuring out the right workflow wasn't an easy task but I think I'll be way faster with the next thing!

As a treat, here are some wip's and detail shots:

Basicly I started out with flat, local colours on each element. After that I added basic light and shadows to increase the volume, followd by hours of stoic rendering. I made a brush for the details in the fur. Other than that,  I used my usual brushes.

Here are two detail shots for the parts I shought would be most interesting for you. I think you should see  the application of the furbrush quite well.