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Designing a Story Illustration Part 1

I Started a bigger Story illustration a couple of days ago for which I'll provide a in depht look at my process. From the initial idea to designing the characters, elements and a step by step of the final image ( maybe a process video too ). As I'm still working on it, I will split this to a couple of posts.

So let us begin!

At the beginning, there's the idea. In the case for this illustration, it was this little thumbnail:

I tend to do a bunch of thumbnails like this every once in a while, to get ideas down quickly or to generate some ideas in the first place. In the case of this image it was the latter.
The great thing of thumbnailing like this is that you can interpret it in many different ways and even generate several images out of it.

The basic idea I got in this case was a little person sitting on a rock with a fishing rod in hand, fishing in a pond. I played around with this idea, developing it further and settled on the following:
A character, humanlike, fishing s…

Putting newly learned things to good use!.. and a Cat Guy

Soo, I've been on the schoolism live workshof in Berlin two weeks ago... and it was a blast! I learned so much from Marcelo Vignali, Stephen Silver and Paul Lasaine (  google them, they are really awsome and inspirational! ) and a lot of great guys and artists. I can Highly recomment Schoolism live to everyone!

Besides being occupied with other work, I've been practising the learned techniques during the last week. For now, I have an image basen on Paul Lasaines work on " Puss in Boots ", using the learned painting and brush creation techniques:

For a first try it worked quite well.. still there's much to learn. Fur is very hard to do and takes a lot of time.. figuring out the right workflow wasn't an easy task but I think I'll be way faster with the next thing!

As a treat, here are some wip's and detail shots:

Basicly I started out with flat, local colours on each element. After that I added basic light and shadows to increase the volume, followd by …