Fighting! and some advice on improving

Just a little post to show you that I'm still alive! :)

Besides working on a project, I'm doing more studies and experiments than finished work lately. A lot of those fail and I don't really want to show them. But as an artist, almost 90 % of what you do ends up like that, and thats absolutly fine. We learn from our mistakes, improve on them and sometimes, by accident, we find a great addition to our workflow! So, If you're struggeling, just paint ahead. nobody has to see your failed images, but they are the perfect place to improve.

Anyway, I have one of them I'd like to show, since I'm fairly happy with it

Tried out a different approach again.. more vivid colours and a play with oversaturated light. I think it works fine for the experiment.
On a side node: The composition and placement of shapes makes it a good candidate for and animated 2.5D image... I think I might do that today...

For your interest, here are some WIP shots