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The Black and White Knight

I made this image as an entry for the montly chellange over at I liked the topic so I thought I might give it a try.

Heres the result:

I'm quite happy with the fog-effect and backgroudn.. works nice I think. But I have some issues with how the armor turned out. All in all it works well, but the values are really off on some parts. Somehow, black and white are harder to paint than any other colour ( aside from brown.. brown is another kind of demon! )´but I'd say it works better than other black metal suff I've painted so far.

Before working onm this image, I did a couple of sketches and concepts beforehand

The concepts were done during 2 livestream sessions which have been a lot of fun. I should do another stream soon!

And for those interested, heres the process of the final image as video:

Fighting! and some advice on improving

Just a little post to show you that I'm still alive! :)

Besides working on a project, I'm doing more studies and experiments than finished work lately. A lot of those fail and I don't really want to show them. But as an artist, almost 90 % of what you do ends up like that, and thats absolutly fine. We learn from our mistakes, improve on them and sometimes, by accident, we find a great addition to our workflow! So, If you're struggeling, just paint ahead. nobody has to see your failed images, but they are the perfect place to improve.

Anyway, I have one of them I'd like to show, since I'm fairly happy with it

Tried out a different approach again.. more vivid colours and a play with oversaturated light. I think it works fine for the experiment.
On a side node: The composition and placement of shapes makes it a good candidate for and animated 2.5D image... I think I might do that today...

For your interest, here are some WIP shots