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Old man redbeard

Practising, practising practising. This time I tried myself at strong character lighting... and realised how little I actually know about the topology of the human head... oO. luckylie I have a couple of anatomy books to help me out. Still, at some point those should be a "once in a while help" instead of a necessity.

Anyway. Aside from that, I like the result. The warm light works nice.. lighting effects descent.. all in all, I'm happy with it :). Now... onto some head studies and later on today, recording an new illustration for a video!

Dawn Monolyths

A little landscape painting I did during a livestream-session where I talked about my way to start a landscape painting and how I use reference images.

There's still a lot to improve in my workflow, but  I slowly get better at it :)  well. back to studying now!

Adventuring out to different styles

I realised, that I miss a lot of key skills in order to be a real professional. In order to fix this I make a lot of studies, practising and research. Part of that research is to venture into other styles and workflows. There are two results of the last few days that I like the most

Starting with this one:

Oftentimes I tent to not use vivid colours and contrasts. I shy away from those since I don't really know how to apply them. To fix this, I do a lot of colour studies. I take reference photos with a great colorscheme and use that palette to work with forceing my self to interpret the colours in a more impressionistic way. Inspiration for this style were a bunch of artworks from pixar. Their color keys and moodboards often feel like they have been painted with a grayon or coloured pencils. I tried to match that style with fitting brushes. Its not perfect, but on a good way.

Second one is this fellow here:

Like in the first one I used a photoreference for the colours. This time, a…