Fiery Battle

The fighting raged for hours. Burning arrows set the field of battle aflame, bringing chaos to the ranks of both armies turning the careful planned battle into a confusing mess of smoke, blood and noise. Amidst  the chaos a knight stands firm, ordering troops to regroup trying to controll the mess. When suddenly, through the thickening fume, she spots the enemy commander. Surely, once the enemy General has fallen, the morale of his troops will crumble and her army will seize this day victorious. Determined, she unsheathes her sword, ready to engage the General and his guard.... 

This illustration was great to draw!
I did start out with grayscale again and used gradiant maps for the base colouring, combined with the "overlay layer"  method for the coloration. Worked fairly well!
All in all, I'm happy with the result. There are some issues with the anatomy here... the perspective diesn't work as intended but well.. you never stop learning.
Aside from that.. I feel like the daily routine of studies I do since start of this year show an effect in this one as well as in my other drawings and sketches.

For the interested, heres the painting process as video: