Animated 2D Images Part 2

Sooo I'm finaly done. Some might remember a post I did a little while ago about animated 2D images.  I animated a roghly painted 2D plate as practise project. I put more time into both, the illustration and the animation  up to that point:

and the anmated version:

I'm more of a practicle learner, so doing this helped me a lot. Especially formating the 2D plate correctly, which dimensions and sizes do I need them to be in order for the camera movement to work the right way, how to use the camera and particle systhem in Aftereffects.. how to make a custom particle.. a lot of stuff. It took a long time, but it was a fun experience :)  I'll do more of these smaller animation to improve my knoledge. Once I'm more secure with the software and how to do things, I can jump on my bigger project :)