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Bomb builder

Just a random character design and drawing :)

I did the lines in sketchbook 7, which is a great tool for digital drawing and sketching. Sadly, it tends to have a lot of errors on my systhem so I did the painting part in photoshop. I have to figuer out what causes these errors oô.

The Warbaker

Funny little idea from a twitter conversation.

Somehow I thought this would make for a nice characterdesign :). Some kind of unit in an SRPG... little tanky, able to heal comrades with his bread or debuffing foes by throwing powder at them. Kinda like that.
Now I have some ideas for a whole troop ot baker themed units stuck in my head.. the bakery of war.. sounds poetic :D

Fiery Battle

The fighting raged for hours. Burning arrows set the field of battle aflame, bringing chaos to the ranks of both armies turning the careful planned battle into a confusing mess of smoke, blood and noise. Amidst  the chaos a knight stands firm, ordering troops to regroup trying to controll the mess. When suddenly, through the thickening fume, she spots the enemy commander. Surely, once the enemy General has fallen, the morale of his troops will crumble and her army will seize this day victorious. Determined, she unsheathes her sword, ready to engage the General and his guard.... 

This illustration was great to draw!
I did start out with grayscale again and used gradiant maps for the base colouring, combined with the "overlay layer"  method for the coloration. Worked fairly well!
All in all, I'm happy with the result. There are some issues with the anatomy here... the perspective diesn't work as intended but well.. you never stop learning.
Aside from that.. I feel like…


If I want to do a bigger illustration, I like to prepare for it. In order to do that, I research the planned setting with sketches on paper or digital. After that,  I look for nice references to help me with the colours and lightdirection or which help me see my initial idea in a new light.
after that, I do more refinded sketches from my basic scribbles, just like those:

Here I establish the basic composition and value distribution. In that stage it is very easy to introduce changes. In the case of  this illustration, I had the scribble of the warrior on a older batch of scribbles. Since it  was a natural fit for the idea, I used the scribble and copied it in the tonal sketches. In a production sense this was a neat timesafe. One of these will be made into the final Illustration.
The other concepts don't go into the wastebin. I keep all of my scetches and scribbles, since they might be the perfect base for another idea.

When that part is set, I sometimes put a bit of design  work …

Animated 2D Images Part 2

Sooo I'm finaly done. Some might remember a post I did a little while ago about animated 2D images.  I animated a roghly painted 2D plate as practise project. I put more time into both, the illustration and the animation  up to that point:

and the anmated version:

I'm more of a practicle learner, so doing this helped me a lot. Especially formating the 2D plate correctly, which dimensions and sizes do I need them to be in order for the camera movement to work the right way, how to use the camera and particle systhem in Aftereffects.. how to make a custom particle.. a lot of stuff. It took a long time, but it was a fun experience :)  I'll do more of these smaller animation to improve my knoledge. Once I'm more secure with the software and how to do things, I can jump on my bigger project :)

Canyon critter ( part of the daily creatures )

Sooo. I wanted to upload a batch of 5 creatures / characters every friday. I made a lot of them traditionally with pencil.. aaand my scanner broke. So once I have a new one, I'll make a huge post with the remaining creatures.

Nonetheless, some of them are made digitally, such as this one here:

Meet the Canyon waddler ( I love that word... " Waddle ".. sounds so cute and funny )
Waddeling through his native canyons, this little carnivore mostly feeds on insects, little reptiles and mammals like geckos and mice.

Overall I'm happy with how it tourned out. the composition is not perfekt, but it works :)