Commission: Archer

Just a little comission I finished today. I got provided with a couple of screenshots of a 3D turnaround of the archer as reference, alongside with a stylesheet for the atmossphere.  Its quite interestening to work with that many recources.. :D

I like atmosspheric stuff!
Other than that this week was full of studies. With the start of this year I started a  practise-scedule. My drawing say starts now with one hour of gesturedrawing. During that I do regular fullbody gestures and some  facial expressions, hand and feet gestures.  Those 3 weeks I do this now already start to show some effect in my scetches and drawings... maybe I'll do a big post about that topic in the future :)

And btw, the daylie creatures for this week will be postet on sunday. I made some of them in my scetchbook and I have to scan them first.