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One of this weeks daily creatures in a fully rendered state ( creature of the week post will come, once I have a new scanner.. old one broke ;_; )

Work on this went realla fast this time around. only 3.5 hours, scetch included. bit I need to practise materials a bit more.. oô.. not fully contemt with the metal and cloth parts... But I'll get there.
He basically is a Mage, hwo boun dhis soul into a machine to prolong his live. Onc again I made a character which deserves a worked out backstory :/ well, He'll get one... maybe I can fit him in in one of my stories.... could be nice..

If youre interestet, here's the lineart aswell : )

And not to forget: here's the Painting Process:

Commission: Archer

Just a little comission I finished today. I got provided with a couple of screenshots of a 3D turnaround of the archer as reference, alongside with a stylesheet for the atmossphere.  Its quite interestening to work with that many recources.. :D

I like atmosspheric stuff!
Other than that this week was full of studies. With the start of this year I started a  practise-scedule. My drawing say starts now with one hour of gesturedrawing. During that I do regular fullbody gestures and some  facial expressions, hand and feet gestures.  Those 3 weeks I do this now already start to show some effect in my scetches and drawings... maybe I'll do a big post about that topic in the future :)

And btw, the daylie creatures for this week will be postet on sunday. I made some of them in my scetchbook and I have to scan them first.

Daily Creature week #1

Lately I do a lot of practicing and studying, Doing gestures, research and experiments. In addition to that, I fore myself to do at least one creature sketch per day during the week, with a break on saturday and sunday. The first " week " is done with today.
I'll post the 5 for the week on friday, since I don't want to spam my blog full of them :D

It is to mention that I dont put a lot of time into those, since the most time  of the day flows into work and practising / studying. I think this will be a good exercise and with time, I'll do coloured ones as well. Some are bad, some are fine... thats what can happen when you're just sketching around ;) 

Animated 2D images

So, I got that idea stuck in my head...  I really like slightly animated 2D images, or short films made with that kind of technique. So seeing the short series for the warlords of draenor finally pushed me to delve more into it.
For an easy start I wanted to learn how to use particle effects in Adobe AfterEffects for admospheric effect. For that, I used this little scetch

And here's the first draft for the animation

At that point, I'm quite happy with how the rain and fog turned out, but there's still room for improvment!
Next step will be to add a nice, gloomy glow effect and movement to branches and details on the mantle.
After that and if everything works in the demo, I'll finish up the drawing to make a fully fledged animated still out of that :)

Hello 2015!

A little late, but I hope you had a pleasant turn into the new year! I've been doing a lot of studies and scetching during those first few days of 2015 but finally finished this one here as well!

A while ago I got a nice brush for photoshop which simulates the way I usually work with pencils quite well. This image was the first big test for it. The enchanter called Baldwyn (  Fantasy " Y" whooo!... just speek it like balduin. ) Takeing a nap. It is a little more graphic than my usual work, but I quite like it. Tht brush is especially great for scetching in PS since, like I sayd before, it absolutly fits the way I use pencils

Now I ask myself... how would this look like in a slight tint of colour... oô...