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The young rocketeer

Finbally done! *uff* That one took a while :)

Done for the Blizzard Goblins vs Gnomes contest over at deviant art. Currently there seems to be a submussion bug, so I couldn't send it in. Still 9 hours left so.. maybe they fix their stuff this time oô,

Anyways... Working on that was fun and challengeing! using mostly bright colours, combined with my usual problems when working on more complex scenes made for a difficult task. But I learned a lot from it! Found and fixes some hickups in my workflow, found some nice new tricks... all in all. I'm happy with the result :)

( btw. seeing it here on my second monitor reminds me that I need to colour-calibrate that damn thing! )

Face practise

Just two practise faces.

Slowly progressing as always :) Well, not much to say here so I'll go right back to the next drawings. see ya :D