Linework part 2: Coloration

As promised, here are the coloured versions of the Lineworks I posted before.

Lets start with the fisherman.

The lines were descent for the first try in ages but the colouring is... well.. I'm not happy with how  the colouration tourned out. Working with intact lineart is a huge difference to how I usually work. I had a hard time finding matching colours as well as with the whole workflow. There is definatly room for improovement. I guess th elines might have been a bit to thin, and the colours I chose are all too saturated. The water looks nice, but doesn't fit with the linework.

I'll have to watch some painting videos on linework and the matching colouring to get a grip on the workflow :D

Next up is the "Yeti"

Here I went more with my usual apporach, which kills the linework in the end. More painterly, using the linework only as guids. The solid linework was a great help in establishing the shapes and flow of the fur. Having thought out  the drawing more bevor entering painting phase shurely helped. I'm way more comfortable with the result than with the first one.
There's some issues with ther atmosphere but aside from that.. I like him :)

I have to note, that I learned a lot from Noukah's latest blog post ( here, have a look! ) and the video she made. Her workflow is great and with a keen eye on the video, you'll definalty catch some nice tricks who'll make your live easier!
If you read this: Big thanks again, Noukah! ;)