I'll come straight to the point: I have mixed thoughts of this one. The overall rendering, materials and anatomy work well here, aside from some minor issues. There are problems in the shoulders and arms which, in part, are induced by the desinge of the gloves and shoulderpads. The most trouble I have is with the face. The rendering, material and texture are all right, but the shape isquite off. I try to experiment with exaggeration of form and different shapes and well,  experiments can fail :) and I think it is is important to also show my failures and weaknesses.

Griselda, sole daughter and heir to a renown nobleman. Her childlike face often results in her being underestimated, but her swordplay matches that of an Imperial Paladin. With the teachings of her father and a longsword especially forged for her, she is able to overcome every struggle live might throw at her.

Theres a process video of her as well: