Concept Art: Goblin Defender

A little piece of concept art I did yesterday. I wanted to create a enemy for a fictive game. It's is ment to be  a pathblocker / area control minion with slow  attack speed but very high defense / invulnerability from front attacks.

First, I started out with a couple of scetches:

These are rough and rather fast scetches to get the ideas down. I got inspired in part by other concepts, such as the moblins from the Legend of Zelda ( which are awsome by the way ) and equipment from ancient soldiers.

After that, I rendered the ideas I liked in grayscale:

Blogging in the rough tones for materials and shading. For that step, I narrowed down the number of concepts to safe time and focus the idea on the more promissing ones.
From those I chose four ideas to be rendered out in step 3

Here I gave them a quick colour pass, rendering and materials. To speed up that step, I used different textures. To speed things up is very usefull in a work-environment. Safes time and gives the modellers a hint of how it will look like in the end. At this step I could do some colour variants as well or add details to show different ranks of the same unit type.

I'll do a couple more fo these kind of concepts for my portfolio in the next week. Maybe a whole goblin army or some npc's... maybe the latter, since I did a lot of military stuff like that allready... oO..