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Cel Shading

After  seeing toonlink so often in SSB 3DS, I had to try out the windwaker style of cel shading :D

It was fun and somewhat chellanging to work this way, since it is absolutly not like my usual workflow. usually I devollop the colours over time. In a style like this, you basically need to match them directly. But is was really fun to do that. Guess I'll develop this way of working a bit further with a couple more drawings. I Think I'll do one or two of the goblins from my last post and the shopkeeper I've been working on in this style.

Working  with outlines is still not part of my comfort zone D:  but I get a grip on it :)

Concept Art: Goblin Defender

A little piece of concept art I did yesterday. I wanted to create a enemy for a fictive game. It's is ment to be  a pathblocker / area control minion with slow  attack speed but very high defense / invulnerability from front attacks.

First, I started out with a couple of scetches:

These are rough and rather fast scetches to get the ideas down. I got inspired in part by other concepts, such as the moblins from the Legend of Zelda ( which are awsome by the way ) and equipment from ancient soldiers.

After that, I rendered the ideas I liked in grayscale:

Blogging in the rough tones for materials and shading. For that step, I narrowed down the number of concepts to safe time and focus the idea on the more promissing ones.
From those I chose four ideas to be rendered out in step 3

Here I gave them a quick colour pass, rendering and materials. To speed up that step, I used different textures. To speed things up is very usefull in a work-environment. Safes time and gives the modellers a h…

Linework part 2: Coloration

As promised, here are the coloured versions of the Lineworks I posted before.

Lets start with the fisherman.

The lines were descent for the first try in ages but the colouring is... well.. I'm not happy with how  the colouration tourned out. Working with intact lineart is a huge difference to how I usually work. I had a hard time finding matching colours as well as with the whole workflow. There is definatly room for improovement. I guess th elines might have been a bit to thin, and the colours I chose are all too saturated. The water looks nice, but doesn't fit with the linework.

I'll have to watch some painting videos on linework and the matching colouring to get a grip on the workflow :D

Next up is the "Yeti"

Here I went more with my usual apporach, which kills the linework in the end. More painterly, using the linework only as guids. The solid linework was a great help in establishing the shapes and flow of the fur. Having thought out  the drawing more bevor…


Ah, lineart. A skill of its own.
I got my girlfried to show me the basics of lineart and traditional inking, since I wanted to improve in that part as well. here are my first two tries:

I'll give both  of them a digital colourpass now, guess the results will be here tomorrow :) 
Before those I didn't do much lineart with pens or ink. I tried it a couple of times but never liked my results. I guess I'm  a bit spoiled from digital painting there, since it is hell of a lot faster and I often lost patience.  But it is a artistic skill like any other and should be learned to a decent degree as any other. You never know what kind of style a customer might want or with what kind of artists you'll work together some day :) 


I'll come straight to the point: I have mixed thoughts of this one. The overall rendering, materials and anatomy work well here, aside from some minor issues. There are problems in the shoulders and arms which, in part, are induced by the desinge of the gloves and shoulderpads. The most trouble I have is with the face. The rendering, material and texture are all right, but the shape isquite off. I try to experiment with exaggeration of form and different shapes and well,  experiments can fail :) and I think it is is important to also show my failures and weaknesses.

Griselda, sole daughter and heir to a renown nobleman. Her childlike face often results in her being underestimated, but her swordplay matches that of an Imperial Paladin. With the teachings of her father and a longsword especially forged for her, she is able to overcome every struggle live might throw at her.

Theres a process video of her as well:

Halloween Scetches

So. yesterday was halloween. I'm not very keen on "celebrating" it, since it is just a cultural import for me and not really part of anything, but a german scetchgroup " Drink and Draw - Munich " made a halloween meeting, and since drawing with others is fun so  I attended as well.

Here are some drawings that were made on that evening:

I'll use the girl riding on the pumpkin für a "after halloween" halloween drawing. I quite like how it turned out :)  The two dragon-faces will get a little touch of colour too. So onwards to painting again :)